Unleaded vs. Premium Gasoline

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Man pumping gasoline fuel in car at gas station

When you stand at the gas pump, you might wonder “Just what is the difference between unleaded vs. premium gasoline?” While premium is a more advanced formula, your car may or may not see any benefits from the upgrade. Whether you drive a performance car in Troy or a subcompact sedan through West Bloomfield, we’re here to explain the key differences between the types of gasoline, so you can make the most informed decision at the pump!

How Does Gasoline Fuel My Car?

No matter which type of gasoline you select, it goes through the process of combustion to power your vehicle. The injected gasoline gets ignited by your spark plugs, but the process isn’t always instantaneous. Sometimes “engine knocks” occur, which means your fuel mixture combusted at the wrong time. An engine knock may not be a big deal while driving to the grocery store. But those with performance cars want the smoothest possible ride and the maximum horsepower.

What’s the Difference Between the Types of Gasoline?

Unleaded and premium fuels have slightly different formulas. The higher the octane level, the more resistance to spontaneous combustion – which means less potential engine knocks. You may have seen these octane levels printed at the gas pump. Premium fuel is typically around 91 percent, while regular is around 85 percent. That means you can get a more aggressive performance out of your vehicle with a premium fuel. In fact, race car drivers use gasoline with an octane rating over 100!!

So, What’s the Best Gasoline for My Car?

As you can see, premium gasoline has the more sophisticated formula for those who need the best specs possible. But what about your family-friendly sedan in Farmington Hills? It might not be worth the extra cost. Many cars simply don’t see enough performance benefits from a premium fuel, and there’s no difference as far as fuel economy. So check your owner’s manual to see what it recommends and follow those guidelines. You might save yourself some money at the gas pump!

Where Can I Find More Information?

Still have questions about unleaded vs. premium gasoline? Talk to the service desk at Jeffrey Acura for personalized advice. And while you’re there, why not get your oil changed?

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