How to Remove Scratches from Car Paint

January 11th, 2019 by

Cleaning a CarWhether you’ve been through a major collision or a minor mishap in Grosse Pointe, dents and scratches can happen to the best of us. But if you miss your car’s once-flawless finish, there’s good news! Learning how to remove scratches from car paint is not as tricky as you may think, as long as you have the right tools and techniques. If you want to get your car in pristine condition before your next detail, take a look at our top tips for DIY paintless car dent removal and scratch repair.

Buff Away Shallow Scratches

No need to worry about the headaches of paint matching when dealing with a minor scratch. Surprisingly, all you need is some fine sandpaper and rubbing compound. To begin, wash your car to remove any dirt and debris that could interfere with your results. Then grab a sheet of 2000-grit wet sandpaper and soak it with water. Use the sandpaper to carefully buff out the scratch. Be sure to keep your sandpaper wet if it starts to dry out.

Once the scratch is barely noticable, use a little rubbing compound and continue to buff until the scratch has completely disappeared. While this method is great for shallow scratches, we recommend visiting an expert for more serious repairs. Our technicians know how to remove deep scratches from car paint, so let us take care of the more strenuous work!

Paintless Car Dent Removal

Car dents are another common car issue, and there are plenty of methods to try at home if you find yourself with a ding. Check out some of the most common techniques:

    • Plunger: A household or dent plunger can pop out a large dent with just a little force if there is no puncture on the surface.
    • Mallet: A mallet can reshape a dent on the hood of your car, but be sure to work slowly and carefully. This only works if you have access to the back of the dented surface.
    • Dent Puller: Found in a hardware store, this specialized tool pulls the dent back into place with wires. However, you must drill a small hole through the dent and repair it afterward.

Find Out More at Jeffrey Acura

No need to fret over scratches, dents, and dings! Contact us at Jeffrey Acura, serving St. Clair Shores and Sterling Heights. Feel free to schedule your service online for a paintless dent repair or scratch repair.

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